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Ormen Lange, Nyhamna

Nyhamna, Ormen Lange overview

Ormen Lange is Europe’s third largest gas field, and has the world’s largest gas wells. Ormen Lange was discovered in 1997 and is the first true deepwater (850 – 1100 meters) project in Norway.

The field is located 120 kilometres north west of Kristiansund in the Norwegian Sea, the reservoir approximately 3000 metres below the sea surface. The reservoir covers an area about 40 kilometres long and 8 to 10 kilometres wide. 
The Ormen Lange gas wells, being drilled in an area with extreme weather conditions and sub-zero water temperatures at seabed, are the world’s largest to date. The gas is processed onshore at Nyhamna, in Aukra municipality, and exported 1200 km to Easington, UK, through the world’s longest offshore gas pipeline, Langeled. 
At peak production, Ormen Lange will deliver close to 20 percent of the UK gas demand, and establish Norway as the world’s second largest exporter of natural gas.
The total investment cost for the Ormen Lange Phase 1 project is estimated at 50 billion NOK, or approximately 8,5 billion USD. Phase 2 of the Ormen Lange project includes additional subsea templates, wells and field compression. The license partners in Ormen Lange are: A/S Norske Shell (17,0375%), StatoilHydro (28,9169%), Petoro (36,4750%), Dong: (10,3420%) and ExxonMobil (7,2286%). Shell is operator, while Norsk Hydro was operator during the development phase.


  Rigg-2 building


On the pilot

The subsea alternative for future compression at Ormen Lange is the first of its kind in the world. For the first time, the whole compressor station will be positioned under water.
The Ormen Lange Subsea Compression Project involves design, construction and testing of a full scale subsea compression system
Two alternatives for compression for Ormen Lange are being considered; subsea equipment on the seabed or a floating platform. Until a choice has been made, planning for both the platform and subsea alternative will run in parallel.

If you like to have a look at a map of Aukra please click here.


How to reach Aukra

Ferry from Hollingen to Aukra


It takes 15 minutes to go with the ferry (fjord 1) from Hollingen to Aukra. On land you have to travel another 15 minutes to the Ormen Lange site.

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